Costs are escalating for businesses that only deal with their markets through physical channels like retail outlets and sales people. Organisations need to find new ways to deliver products and services while maintaining a direct link with customers this is where the Internet has had a major impact.

E-commerce websites enable the distribution, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over the Internet and helps to reduce costs while reaching a wider market.

Many businesses opt for an off-the-shelf E-commerce website to meet their needs. But they soon find themselves restricted by the inherent limitations of such an approach. This inflexibility prevents the solution from being adapted to the very processes that give your business its competitive edge. While the inability to integrate with other applications, that your business runs, can lead to inefficiencies and errors.

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What we provide
Synopsis Solutions recognises that for an E-commerce website to be successful your business processes must be incorporated into its design. Our project design process ensures that we fully understand what your current and future requirements will be and are incorporated into the final solution.

Our creative design flair, combined with knowledge of the latest technologies enables us to create E-commerce websites with advanced functionality. These help to improve sales performance, increase customer satisfaction and make marketing initiatives more efficient.

Our solutions typically involve easy to use:
  • Shopping carts
  • Customer account setup and management
  • Content management
  • Information flow to back-office systems
  • Newsletter sign-up and distribution
  • Because each E-commerce website is bespoke for the exact needs of our clients, we can produce an E-commerce website for any type of business.
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